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Bellasia: Once Upon a Tea

An inspiring fairytale for little ones about the joys of being adopted, love, finding the princess within, and about the wonderful world of delicious tea!

My name is Mercedes, Yep, the queen in the book and as you might have guessed, I have a beautiful daughter named Isabella.

I started Bellasia for a few reasons. My husband and I could not conceive, so we adopted the most beautiful little girl in the world, she’s a shining star that completes our lives. I grew up on Fairytales and Happily-Ever-Afters, so naturally so did she.

I noticed that she was quite distraught that there were no adopted princesses, and even in some case stories shed a not-so-flattering light on non-birth parents as a whole.

When I saw that my stories about adopted princesses made gave her incredible joy and made her laugh, I knew I was onto something!

My second reason is, if you have kids, chances are pretty good you’ve been a part of a tea party. My husband is retired military, and I’ve caught him on several occasions dressed in boas and tiaras enjoying a cup of imaginary tea at a table that was entirely too little for him.

When she got older and wanted to stop pretending and start partaking in real tea I couldn’t find any “Princess Tea”. How can this be? Tons of princess tea sets, tables, dresses etc. but no Princess Tea! Than my adoption tales started reeling in a different direction, and Bellasia was born!

Finally, as much as I love all of the stories we all grew up with, I wanted Isabella to know that it’s up to us for our Happily-Ever-Afters.

This story teaches children that life is about choices, that we should all dream big, and always shoot for the stars! We’re only on this Earth a short amount of time, and everyday is a gift!

To all the children out there who have a dream, I end this with how I wake up Izzy everyday: “Today’s a new day, full of new possibilities...make the most of it”!

Join the fun-filled fairytale adventure by getting your copy today!

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